Holiday Gatherings, a Mixed Up Affair

I was so excited to see Topanga Vintage Market touted as a top source for vintage china, flatware and all things tableware in this great article about vintage table settings from LA Daily News !

MixnMatch China for Your Table
The Curated Table Is a Hit This Season

Apparently mixing and matching patterns and services is a new thing (my grandmother might disagree!)  I have to say, it looks very beautiful in the photos and makes sense to a “pinch of this, dash of that” kind of gal like me.

I decided to bring out my own special china and create a “curated table” of my own.  I had a limited amount yet very wide style range to work with. Very formal gold rimmed Phoenixware china from England, and hand thrown ceramic Vince Kitira plates from Thailand, a few Russel Wright pieces, and 1930’s bakelite flatware. The Wright pieces were all wrong, but the rest seemed to hit if off.  OK, so here goes!

mixnmatch tableware setting
Patrice’s Special Blend

Not too bad!  Unfortunately I only have enough pieces to do a table for three. Always an awkward number! SO, I guess I will be joining the shoppers at our fall shows hunting for more pretty pieces for larger gatherings around my table.  

Here’s a preview of what you might find for your own holiday table:

Mixed China at Topanga Vintage
Mixed China at Topanga Vintage
Pink Depression Ware Serving Dishes
Pink Depression Ware Serving Dishes
Blue Patterned China
Blue Patterned China from Irene Tompkins
Cut Crystal and an Ethnic Apron
Every Kind of Serving Spoon and Fork

 See you there!  

If you have any questions about these tableware pieces feel free to email


Topanga’s Messenger Review Covers Flea Etiquette

Messenger Review and Etiquette at the Flea
Messenger Review and Etiquette at the Flea

Read this review if you’ve ever wondered about haggling, 

and read about Topanga life at Messenger Mountain News


Southern California Life

Southern California Life magazine gets it that our So Cal flea markets capture the best of the weather, the people, and the coolness of vintage, especially Topanga Vintage Market 😉

Click to read all about it!

Southern California Life includes great flea markets all year long.
Life in Southern California includes great flea markets all year long.

recent coverage

Fun recent coverage of our flea market popping up all over!

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TIME OUT Finds LA’s Best Fleas
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Scroll down for more!  Have you checked out our LA Flea Calendar and our blog?


#FreshVintage Rock from the Valley’s Haim

So I found this piece about Haim’s fresh vintage vibe in the New York Times today and I was like yaaaas! 

Haim Does Fresh Vintage Rock

When you’re cool enough to credit your parents for your vintage rock roots, you are a true Valley girl.  Check out their new album, Something To Tell You.  And don’t miss this video, which Variety says is “… the best filmic paean to the Valley since, well, “Magnolia … If anyone can bring sexy back to Sherman Oaks, it’s Haim.”

Find #freshvintage every month at Topanga Vintage Market, the Valley’s best flea, or at one of these other LA greats.

“Vintage Holidays” Features Topanga Vintage

“Vintage Holidays”

by Flea Market Decor

“Vintage Holidays” is a new special edition magazine by Flea Market Decor.  It features Topanga Vintage artisan and vintage vendors Lauri Grosso of Shimmering Self and Lene Abraham of Vintage Chic DK, as well as a bit about co-owner Patrice Curedale (that’s me!).  There’s lots of great decorating and entertaining ideas for lovers of antiques, up-cycleds and all things vintage, and look for a “how to” about Grosso’s jewelry trees!


Vintage Holiday Finery From Vintage Chic DK
Holiday Finery From Vintage Chic DK
Vintage Holiday Jewelry Trees by Grosso, a 60s Tradition
Vintage Jewelry Trees by Grosso, a 60s Tradition


Look for more great vintage holiday ideas, decorations, clothing and serving ware at our flea market!


Shout Out in the LA Times

Designer Ingrid Weir shows Topanga Flea some love in the LA Times

Weir is an Australian designer working in LA and the LA Times covered her remodel of Charlie Chaplin’s bungalow for fellow Aussie filmmakers.  Check out the photo of Hedy Lamarr she scored at Topanga Vintage Market, and her thoughts on LA flea markets (“best in the world”) and nostalgia in design.


LA Times Piece Praising Topanga Vintage Market
Photo Of Hedy Lamarr Bought by Weir at TVM Flea Featured In LA Times


LA Daily News

Bargain Hunter Recommends Topanga Vintage, of course!

The Los Angeles Daily News Bargain Hunter, Sandra Barrera, loves Topanga Vintage Market for its deals on vintage, antique and artisan goods, and for its ability to inspire unique home decor. This is one of several pieces the Daily News has run on our flea market, we are proud to say!

The LA Daily News Bargain Hunter has great tips!
The LA Daily News Bargain Hunter has great tips!

Come on down to Pierce College on the 4th Sunday of the month and see what cool, unique, quality vintage and antiques you can pick up for a great price.  With over 180 sellers, we have everything from furniture to clothing, toys to tools, and tons of stuff you never even heard of.  While some rare antiques and collectibles sell for thousands of dollars, most vintage and artisan goods are very affordable, retain their original value better, and are built to last.  

Plus, shopping at a flea market is an adventure in itself.  The day is full of history, beauty, surprises and the great outdoors.  Interacting with vintage sellers is also a very different experience from the retail experience at the mall.  These are passionate, knowledgeable people doing what they love.  Every item has a story to go with it, if you have the time.  So plan on at least a couple of hours.  Eat at one or two of the fun, delicious food trucks on site and sit back and enjoy some live music.

LA’s 4th Sunday Flea! Summer Hours 8am-2pm June through September. 8am to 3pm Oct through May. Over 180 of LA’s top vintage vendors, plus artisans, music & food trucks! Pierce College, Mason entrance at Victory Blvd at Mason Ave. Woodland Hills CA 91306 Directions: DeSoto exit north off 101 Fwy; Rt on Victory, Rt. on Mason $3 admission, kids under 12 are free, parking is free, no pets please!